Order Wholesale Chicken Wings and Poultry from R&R Poultry

When it comes to wholesale poultry, R&R Poultry offers fresh, frozen and value-added poultry to adhere to each customer’s unique specifications. Whether you want chicken wings sold at wholesale prices or bulk chicken wings for your restaurant, we have you covered.

Are you interested in something quick and easy? Why not give our steamed chicken breast a try? Much like our wholesale chicken wings, our steamed chicken breast is an easy and healthy way to whip up lunch or dinner in a hurry. From sandwiches to casseroles and pasta dishes, our delicious steamed chicken is guaranteed fresh and ready to add to your favourite recipe.

Also, our products, such as wholesale chicken wings, are guaranteed to be free of dangerous steroids and hormones. Plus, our poultry items are never genetically modified in any way – this means that you get unparalleled quality. We still provide a deboning process for our chickens, so they are ready to prepare right away. Since our products are locally sourced from Australian producers, you are getting chicken wings that are preservative-free.

As Australia’s leading poultry distributor, we are proud to offer superior quality poultry products at wholesale prices. Our innovative processing facility operates five days per week using a contemporary computer system so we can track all orders and process them efficiently in a timely and safe manner.

We are dedicated to providing all-natural poultry for our customers and invite you to contact us on (07) 3899 3677 today to place your order.