Working with Reliable Wholesale Poultry Suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney

We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding the various types of bacteria that seem to be contaminating our food supply as of late. Listeria, E. Coli, and even salmonella are all common types of bacteria that can grow on meat and vegetables. It’s important to understand that all kinds of red meat, poultry and seafood are not sterilized. The same with produce. There are thousands upon thousands of varying types of microorganisms that grow on the food that you purchase and while this is completely natural, it is important to understand where your food is coming from just as it’s important to thoroughly wash and cook everything you buy.

Poultry Wholesale Suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney

R&R Poultry is a wholesale poultry supplier that can guarantee to each and everyone one of its customers that the meat we cure and sell to you has never tested positive for Listeria, E. Coli, or Aerobic bacteria. We understand that when you order wholesale poultry from us that you expect excellence and demand trust in our product. We take pride in the fact that we offer just that. We will never sell you anything short of perfection. When you place an order with one of our wholesale poultry suppliers in either Brisbane or Sydney, you can count on us to deliver your order matched to your specifications. The processes we use to bone, grade, slice and trim our poultry is done how you want it so that we can prevent bacteria growth and prevent cross-contamination that can lead to foodborne illnesses. It also allows us to package your meat in a way that prevents any extra drainage of juices during transportation. All of this ensures that when your order is delivered to your doorstep, you can start cooking right away!

You may think that the only kind of poultry that we sell at R&R Poultry is chicken. But we are a poultry wholesale supplier that provides a much larger variety than a lot of our competitors, which grants you, our customer, the ability to let your creativity run as wild as our products in the kitchen! We also sell corn-fed duck, chicken, quail, turkey, geese, squab, pheasant, spatchcock, and guinea fowl. You can get any of these free-range, organic, fresh and frozen depending on your preferences. We can assure you that all of our birds meet our standards of quality and excellence.

We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to our products or our customer service, and we encourage you to do the same when it comes to food prep! Preventing the spread of bacteria and food-borne illnesses is everyone’s job. So make sure clean and sanitise your food prep areas before use, wash your hands often, separate different cuts of meat and poultry from one another, and make sure you are cooking and storing food at recommended temperatures. Our poultry wholesale suppliers take every step necessary to ensure that they are doing the above before your meat reaches you! That’s what our customers love about us. If you would like to order from our suppliers, please call us at 61 7 3899 3677.